Susanne Torrbacka

Interim CEO / Chief Financial Officer

Susanne has worked for Waystream since 2015. Before joining Waystream Susanne worked for Arrow ECS where she was CFO for the Swedish operations during a period when the revenue grew from 200MSEK to 1 billiion SEK. Prior to that Susanne was an entreprenuer running her own businesses. She built a company in the IT-business that had 30 employees and 150MSEK revenue. She also became co-owner of a company in the child care business where she played a vital role to make the business profitable. Susanne has a clear and goal oriented leadership approach with focus on delivery but that also takes advantage of the competence and innovation in the organisation.

Owns 1600 shares

Johan Sandell

Chief Technology Officer

Joined the company in 2018.

Johan Sandell has a broad IT and telecommunication industry experience from an international environment and has since 2000 had management positions with a focus on product management and R&D. Johans background is both from entrepreneurial start-ups such as Transmode and Xelerated as well as from innovation organizations within multinational large-scale corporations including Ericsson and GfK. A common thread in Johans career is the desire to understand and utilize innovative technology to address real needs while keeping business aspects in mind.

No shares.

Thomas Mittig

Thomas Mittig

Director of Sales

Joined the company in 2017.

Thomas has more than 25 years experience form the IT industry and has been working with Waystream since May 2017. Previously Thomas has been working for both Avaya and Arrow ECS in sales  and business development positions as well management positions at Arrow ECS. Thomas has a Bachelors degree in Marketing and Business Finance from Central Queensland University as well as a broad experience from Partner and distribution sales. A driving quality in Thomas career is the urge to find and develop new business opportunities and customers.    

Thomas has 1500 shares.