Waystream puts the end-user experience in focus

Waystream has a mission to offer the most cost-effective and intelligent routing and switching solutions to the FTTH industry.

We provide smart digital infrastructure to maximize the user experience, because not all internet connections are equal.

We work together with our customers and partners to provide world class solutions for the global telecommunications market.

Our background as a network equipment provider to many residential fibre broadband networks is a story about how to maximize the end user experience because the fibre network is becoming the infrastructure to carry all sorts of end-user entertainment and communication. Surfing the Internet is just part of it. We are watching TV live and on-demand, listening to music, playing games, monitor our home and all sorts of services using the same digital infrastructure. Our finding is that not all Internet connections are equal, not all networks provides the same level of functionality and quality, not all operators are able to meet the expectations and deliver the user experience modern services require.

Waystream is the solution when and where the quality of the network matters. Meeting end-user expectations and delivering that experience every time every day will keep your churn low. A satisfied customer lacks the main compelling reason to change or move to a different solution. At the same time, you need to make earnings on the services you provide. 

Our goal is to reduce your total cost of ownership and make your network operations easier to let you stay competitive in the market. 

Some of the largest broadband networks in Europe are using our products having as little as just a couple of engineers to manage tens of thousands of active FTTH subscribers. That requires a reliable and solid network where daily tasks take minute amounts of time and where the tools to troubleshoot and resolve issues are efficient and available.

We believe in close collaboration with our customers and we are available to help and provide advice. We want to work with you and with our partners to enable you to deliver world class communication to your customers.

Waystream’s digital infrastructure for outstanding user experiences. Everywhere!