MPC480 Deployment Scenarios

Versatile MPC for Service Provider Ethernet networks

The MPC480 is a hardware router platform suitable for different deployment scenarios. With flexible and cost-efficient linecard and mainboard options, the MPC480 is the ultimate toolbox for edge routing.

In addition to the latest network processor architecture available, the iBOS software can also be tailored to your specific needs.

MPC480 as a Service Engine

The MPC can be used as a BNG and Service router machine.

The main use cases for the Service Engine use case are:

  • FTTx infrastructure including WiFi, CaTV, xDSL
  • Any network with C-VLANs

Main features include:

  • 24,000 services
  • service control with RADIUS and service templates
  • traffic mapping to/from MPLS tunnels
  • per client service control - multiple services per client
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MPC480 as an Edge Router

The MPC480 can be used as an Edge router.

The main use cases for the Edge Router are:

  • L3 business service termination
  • Distribution router
  • Core router for smaller networks

The main features are:

  • 1,000 MEF CE 2.0 services
  • multi-service QoS
  • full IPv4/IPv6 routing
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MPC480 as an Ethernet Aggregator

The MPC can be used as a high performance Ethernet Aggregation Router for business VPNs and Ethernet operation.

The deployment scenarios are:

  • FTTX aggregation
  • MEF services deployment in aggregation layer
  • mobile backhaul

Main features include:

  • 1,000 MEF CE 2.0 services
  • multi-service QoS
  • SynchE/IEEE1588 timing

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