Fiber Fidelity

Shaping brilliant user experiences

In electronics, fidelity means being true to the source. Fiber Fidelity is also about quality of services in fiber networking. A network built for Fiber Fidelity is a network that delivers uncompromised quality of services. Where streaming media, IPTV, Internet surf, and other services operate flawlessly and where the user experience is true to the source. Where the technology does not interfere with the human experience. Where it simply works as intended.

Imagine the seven year-old talking with grandma that lives far away on the webcam.

Fiber To The Home (FTTH) doesn't just deliver bits and bytes at high speed. It delivers an experience. It makes it possbile us to keep in touch with our family, our friends, our colleagues and the rest of the world.

Hardware sets the limit

At the center of this vortex of information is the fiber network. While the fiber in itself has unlimited capacity to carry all kinds of communication that allows us to share experiences and moments, the network hardware is a physical machine - and machines have limitations. The hardware becomes a point of congestion, a place where the order of bits and bytes does matter because it shapes the experience of the human users.

When the video call competes with the song contest broadcast and the streaming movie for the same bandwidth, there is a big difference for the users if the machine – the switch – executes its task the plain and simple way, or the Fiber Fidelity way.

From over a decade of working with fiber, we know that the user experience depends on the network ability to classify, prioritize and manage traffic streams individually. With more than one million ports deployed, we know that how you build the network matters less than with what hardware you build the network.

We also know that what is important to one user, one family, one business will be different to what is important for another user, another family, another business. For some, accessing the Office365 service will take precedence over Facebook availability. The video call to grandma may be more important than a background bit torrent session.

Plain and simple switches do the job best they can. They forward the packets and sometimes they have to drop a few. When packet loss resulting in freezing pictures, loss of connectivitiy, slow downloads due to competition for the available bits is accepted as the norm, the human experience suffers. The expectation for the services offered is lost.

At Waystream, we think differently. Freezing pictures on the Internet TV is not acceptable. Slow download speeds when multiple users are online at the same time is not acceptable.

Dropping packets when they could be queued is not acceptable. All said and done, Fiber Fidelity is about the human experience. It is about you and me, how we spend our precious time online, and with whom we seek to share it. We do not accept that the machines detract from a perfect user experience.

Think different, think Fiber Fidelity

A Fiber Fidelity network has more satisfied users, ultimately resulting in lower churn and an improved brand for the service provider. A Fiber Fidelity network delivers a service the way it was intended. Fiber Fidelity means that the technology fully supports the user experience, the human interaction, the flawless communication. It means simply that the network works without getting in the way of the user experience.

Our access switches are designed with Fiber Fidelity in mind. This requires technical excellence and depends on innovative technical features in the hardware. The key is to have the capability to recognize different traffic flows, to be able to queue, prioritize and distribute bandwidth fairly between them, to give some traffic higher priority, and let others wait a little longer. To be smart enough to detect if something is wrong, to provide the tools to troubleshoot and correct problems before they become an issue and before they become a stain on the brand reputation.

Our ASR™ and MetroStar™ range of switches have the necessary feature set for Fiber Fidelity.

How do we do it?

Shaping and fair queuing

Shaping traffic is the ability to queue packets when there is not enough room on the link or in the service. Shaping prevents packet loss and makes a big difference to Internet services. However, all shaping is not equal! Shaping in itself is not sufficient when many users and many services are competing for the same bandwidth. With fair queuing technology on top of shaping, we can prevent a single traffic flow from monopolizing all available bandwidth. The user can do more, and receive more, at the same time. Giving your users the ability to truly utilize the Internet so that all family members can enjoy your services simultaneously; play an online game, communicate with loved ones, watch a movie, is much more than just delivering a service. It is about delivering a human experience. Unspoiled. Flawless. Our shaping and fair queuing technology is at the heart of the perfect user experience.

Quality control and SLA measurements

To know that there is a problem, is the first requirement to correct it. There is a reason why companies provide products to capture and analyze TV broadcasts. It is because TV is a highly sensitive service. Whenever there is a problem with the TV service, the user immediately notices it. This is why we have a built-in probe in every switch to capture and verify MPEG TV quality.

In a few seconds, you will know what your users already knows, and you will be able to fix it before it becomes a major problem for the customer. It lets you save the day, save the Eurovision Song Contest broadcast, and to be the hero of the moment for your users.

Flexibility and programmability

Using network processors, our switches are not tied to certain types of switching technology like the plain and simple switches many use today. A network processor allows us to program and adapt functionality so that it is a perfect fit for the network topology and adapted to the management tools that the network uses. Our switches can provision services themselves, or working together with service routers. Our switches can classify traffic and determine quality of services by themselves, or together with central provisioning systems. Our switches can inspect traffic and determine quality by themselves, or together with other quality of service tools. The power of a network processor gives our products and your network the ultimate toolbox to create and deliver Fiber Fidelity services. You can do more for your customers, and our switches let you go that extra mile, do a little more to make a difference. The difference that that triggers a smile.

Waystream shapes brilliant user experiences.

Every day, every time. That is Fiber Fidelity.