What is SDN

At its most simple, the SDN method centralizes control of the network so that software at a central location can make function calls to network elements and control how the devices operate. In this way, a programmatic network is achieved that can be simply and quickly re-configured to meet new demands from customers and network services.

Since 2001, Waystream (formerly known as PacketFront Network Products) has been pioneered automated service deployment and, today, tens of thousands of our products are still managed using automatic service control.

Reduce costs with SDN controlled broadband networks

Software Defined Networking (SDN) promises to revolutionize service deployment and service activation in today’s telecommunications networks and operators are now looking for ways to take advantage of the SDN concept to reduce CAPEX and OPEX costs.

With the addition of NetConf to iBOS, Waystream products offer a programmatic interface where the full data model of each product can be controlled. SDN support allows Waystream routers to part of complex telecommunications service delivery chains that meet customer service expectations while keeping operator costs at a minimum.