Management team

Stefan Blixt

Stefan Blixt

Manager Operations

Stefan Blixt has a university degree in Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Stefan has formerly worked with production engineering at Ericsson and later with managing  product development projects at Allgon Systems and Laird Technologies years with very high success rate. Stefan joined Packetfront Network Products in 2012 as Operations Manager.

Joana Castelar

Joana Castelar

Marketing Manager

Joana joined Waystream in 2016 and has been involved in several positions in sales and marketing, and for companies such as Vestas and Akzo Nobel. For a few years, she has also worked as a consultant with a focus on market research and was guest lecturer at Barcelona University. Moreover, Joana has a solid international career with earlier employments in Portugal, Spain and Denmark.

Lennart Larsen

Sales Manager Nordics

Lennart Larsen has worked with IT since 2004 starting at Santech Micro Group as product manager for Olicom, Lucent and Lasat within the networking group. Lennart has worked 7 years for Novell as partner manager in Sweden. Lennart joined Waystream in 2013 as Key Account Manager.

Fredrik Nyman

Manager Product Management

Fredrik Nyman has worked with Internet technology since 1994. He has worked in numerous operational positions such as network operations, network design and deployment and as a manager for network engineering teams at operators such as Tele2 and Bredbandsbolaget. In 2001, he joined PacketFront Systems as one of the co-founders where he participated in the design and development of access switches. Fredrik assumed management position for software engineering within PacketFront International and in 2007 he became product manager for the company portfolio of hardware products.

Susanne Torrbacka

Susanne Torrbacka

Chief Financial Officer

Susanne Torrbacka has a degree in chemistry from Fyrisskolan in Uppsala and studies including business and accounting and consolidated financial statements. She was previously CFO of Arrow ECS Sweden AB.

Erik Änggård

R&D Manager

Erik Änggård was one of the co-founders of Packetfront Systems in 2001 and has been involved in the development of hardware products since then. He moved to Shanghai in 2008 to start up a team of software development and became R&D Manager for Waystream in 2012. Erik moved back to Shanghai in 2013 and today is in addition to R & D Manager for Waystream also General Manager of the subsidiary in Shanghai. Erik is also partner in D O K Änggård Handelsbolag.